The Euro Super League Was A Lie, Was Never Intended To Happen.

Euro Super League fan-park

To me it is clear that this so called Super League was a giant deception by a few secretive owners, that was never seriously expected to happen. Here’s reasons why:

  • They conducted the entire plan in total secrecy. They did not consult fans, stakeholders, governing bodies, other executives and board at their own clubs, other teams in the league, refereeing orgs, players, or government, or television broadcasters.
  • Yet they announced, out of no where, this league was potentially starting as soon as 2021. How on earth could it do that wihout any of the above on board, or even aware of it?
  • They had no infrastructure to do it. All the clubs had obligations to their leagues and other competitions and governing bodies, all of which had the power to throw them out. You cannot just operate a new competiotion, as a hostile rival to existing ones that control all the infrastructure, rule making, television broadcasting, officiating, in a year. Again, they did the whole thing in secrecy, without alerting any of these people until it was announced.
  • The competition format, arrogantly laid out what was going to happen from now in in the world of football, in terms of the 5 teams from around Europe who were going to be ‘allowed’ to join this new Super League if they did well enough, again *without* consulting these teams, just assuming they will be on board. There is *no way* this was ever going to happen. Especially with UEFA’s Champions League about to go through a reformat. Why would the culbs around Europe agree to this terrible situation for them?
  • What did they think would happen to UEFA’s Champion’s League? Did they think UEFA would just idly sit by and say, “Okay, better wrap this all up next year then”? There’s just no way that would happen to their biggest cash cow.
  • No PSG or Bayern Munich or Dortmund. Again, why would anyone watch a Super League without Bayern Munich and PSG (and many others you could mention)? The lack of the best teams in Germany alone is enough to make the entire announcement a sham. Obviously it would never happen.
  • Their own players. The players of these clubs want to play in Champions League, and for their countries. Players today have lots of power. There would be nothing stopping them refusing to play. Then it would be over. Again, the lack of consultation with their own players? It was a sham, this was a lie.
  • Directors were not told. Paolo Maldini, director of AC Milan, claimed he knew nothing of it, until the statement came out.
  • Managers were not told, or even briefed. You may think this to be unsurprising in today’s game, yet it was the managers who were first in front of the TV cameras, at press conferences, being asked about the statement. How did the owners think they would react? What did the owners think would happen to their Super League when the likes of Klopp, Solskjaer, Guardiola showed negativity toward it in press conferences, which they undoubtedly were going to?

I could go on. I don’t know what the goal of this whole fraud was, that may become clearer in time. But there is no way it was to actually happen. Maybe the intention is to destabalise something. The current explanation that they are non-football owners just needed to recoup lost income, just doesn’t explain the above, it’s too stupid a plan to be real, from people who are smarter than that.




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